F.A.Q. (Bradford Minor Baseball Association)


Q: We are new to hardball, is there a certification stamp we should be looking for when buying a bat, like there is for softball bats?

A: Unfortunately it isn't that easy on the hardball side.  Where metal bats are permitted, Baseball Ontario allows the use of BESR certified bats and BBCOR certified bats in Baseball Ontario play, and to accept the NCAA's list of BBCOR certified bats and the NFHS’s list of BESR certified bats, with the understanding the lists may be modified from time to time. Solid wood bats are always approved for Baseball Ontario play. For the purposes of the OBA Bat Rule, bamboo bats are wood bats; and composite wood bats are wood bats.  Metal/wood bats are not considered wood bats and cannot be used at Minor Bantam and above.  Hollow aluminum alloy bats (Class A in the lists) are only allowed for Baseball Ontario play at Major Peewee and below.

Please visit the NCAA website for the list of BESR certified bats