BMBA 2024 Select/Rep Coaching Application (Bradford Minor Baseball Association)

BMBA 2024 Select/Rep Coaching Application

Personal Information


Coaching Certification

Coaching Experience

Please include the following: Year - Division - Level (Rep/Select/House League) - Organization


Please supply two personal references.

Risk Management

Addition Information

Please provide any additional information which you think is relevant to your application

Please carefully read and review all the terms and conditions of this Agreement before submitting your application to coach

I agree to ensure all coaches be approved by the Executive and follow the Associations Police Records Check Policy, which is readily available on the Associations website.  This includes, but is not limited to, any bench coaches or anyone wearing the team uniform representing a position of authority over the team.

I understand that all assistant coaches, bench coaches and staff only be selected after tryouts have taken place and the team has been selected.

I agree to provide a final player roster to the Association by November 1st, following tryouts.

I acknowledge and agree to the above named references being contacted.  I am aware that other persons and organizations may also be contacted.  I give permission to these persons/organizations to provide information about myself to the Association for purposes of this application.

I further understand and agree that as Head Coach I bear ultimate responsibility for any and all team and/or staff conduct or lack of performance in their duties.  It is also understood that all signing parties are subject to discipline or suspension at the Executives discretion.

I understand that as Head Coach, myself and my team are responsible for finding other teams and tournaments to play.  This is not the responsibility of the Association.

I acknowledge and will comply with the Operating Procedures specific to the stream this coaching application is for; either the Softball Select Operating Procedures or the Hardball Select Rep Operating Procedures.

Both of which are available on the association's website.

I understand that by completing a Rep/Select Coaching Application with the Bradford Minor Baseball Association (BMBA) does not ultimately guarantee me a coaching position.  All BMBA coaches are at the discretion of the Executive.

As well, a negative (no convictions/concerns) Police Records Check or if required a Criminal Offence Declaration (COD) for myself is required prior to the beginning of any assessments, tryouts, practices or games.

I understand that BMBA, the Executive and umpires can not be held responsible for any injuries incurred during the normal course of any assessments, tryouts, practices or games and while traveling to any assessments, tryouts, practices or games.

For insurance purposes, I will make the Association aware of any additional travel the team will be doing to attend out of town games and tournaments, this includes but is not limited to end of year play downs or play offs.

I hereby give permission to the BMBA to use the above information in confidentiality and as required for administration purposes or in the case of emergency.

Furthermore, I agree to comply with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association, any Operating Rules of the Association, any Policies/Procedures of the Association and the Association’s Code of Conduct. All of which are available on the association's website.

I certify that the above information to be true and correct.

Bradford Minor Baseball Association's Code of Conduct

I will:
- act as a responsible person and use appropriate language when communicating with players, coaches and/or game officials.
- acknowledge and appreciate efforts made by all participants.
- be respectful of all athletes, coaches, officials, executive members, and spectators in person and on social media, regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
- respect the rules and encourage players to always play according to the rules.
- encourage others to enjoy our sport.
- respect the sport and the facility where it is played.
- be responsible for all parties that attend BMBA events with me.
- be aware of and follow the association’s Code of Conduct.

I will not:
- make any verbal comments or physical gestures about or toward anyone that could be considered offensive, derogatory, or abusive.
- engage in any action that might be considered verbally or physically abusive and/or violent.
- publicly question the officials’ judgment, honesty and/or integrity.
- violate any municipal, provincial or federal alcohol and/or tobacco laws.

- Offenders will be reported to their executive for disciplinary action.
- Repeat offenders may be banned from participating in further BMBA events for the remainder of the season or a time period as determined by the executive.
- The executive may report any offenders to governing bodies for further disciplinary action at a higher level.